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We present to you...

What you've all been waiting for.


You will gain access to a fully customizable dashboard where you can manage position sizing, stop loss, take profits, statistical analysis, SMS alerts and much more! We have also integrated live options flow data into the dashboard for your convenience free-of-charge.


It is important to note our system requires user authorization for each and every action taken through the interface. You will get a ping each time we require your authorization and it's as simple as a click to execute the trade through to your connected trading account.

Supported Brokerages: TD Ameritrade, Tradier

More brokerages will be supported in the future as we continue to grow.


The copy trading feature will be an add-on in the Stonks Society Discord for $110/mo. Additionally, you will be required to purchase a Stonks Society Membership to qualify for the copy trading add-on. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE THE COPY TRADE WITHOUT A MEMBERSHIP. Memberships can be purchased on our website here.

Public Launch

Launch went live on Monday, April 25, 2022 at 7PM EST!

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